Outlaw Nostalgia Pro Stock Rules


The Outlaw Nostalgia Pro Stock Series drag racing rules:

Please contact the rules committee if you have any questions.

1. Body style is limited to American-made bodies only. Body years are from 1969 to 1982.
2. All cars must have original grill, headlights and tail lights.
3. Paint and body decorations must be done in the period we are trying to represent.
4. Body modifications are limited to the discretion of the rules committee, If you are planning these type of changes contact the committee.
5. Chassis certification will follow all SFI rules.

6. Wheels must be correct to the period we are racing. Bead locks are ok.
7. Engine must be same manufacturer as body style and limited to 638 cubic inches.
8. Engine must be V8 with dual carburetors and high-rise manifold. Dry sump is recommended.
9. Engine set back is limited to front plug equal to the center of the spindle.
10. Exhaust is limited to under car headers. No fender exit exhaust allowed.
11. Transmission is limited to be manually-shifted. No fully-automatic transmissions or computer or air-shifted shifters.
12. Clutch release must be manually-operated by the driver, no magnetic or electric clutch releases.
13. Flywheel and Clutch must meet all SFI. standards. Maximum disks are to be 3 inches and minimum diameter is 6 inches.
14. Bellhousings must also meet all SFI. standards.
15. Ignition is limited to MSD style with no computer control ignition.

16. Computers are approved for data acquisition only. No computer functions can be used to operate the car. NO TRACTION CONTROL.
17.Cars must have at least one parachute and two is mandatory over two hundred MPH.


Outlaw Nostalgia Pro Stock Drag Racing Series
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